We are Bishampton History Society and we aim to deliver historical content about the beautiful village of Bishampton.

We have produced a wonderful book full our photographs and transcripts of years gone by, entitled Bishampton Remembered.  You can purchase the book online here.

We hope to use this website as a platform to publish multimedia content, such as cine-film and reel-to-reel audio from times gone by; all converted into digital format by our young, technically gifted and enthusiastic members!

We would love each and every visitor to contribute to the website and give us all your thoughts and suggestions on ways in which we can add to the already growing and not to mention, interesting and compelling content we already have.

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Who are Bishampton History Society?

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Charles Rigg
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  1. je.farrell@btinternet.com

    My great grandmother was Isabella Hewlett who was born in Bishampton on the 3rd October 1862. She married Charles Hemming at the Parish Church in Bishampton on the 15th October 1879. Her parents were John Hewlett and Harriet Brookes and they were married too in Bishampton on the 8th February 1860. John and Harriet had 8 children altogether who were all born in Bishampton, and although I can find Harriet and the children in the censuses following the marriage I cannot find any trace of John. I was wondering if any of your members are Hewlett or Brookes descendants who may possibly know what happened to John. Any help you can give will be much appreciated. Many thanks.

    1. Charles Rigg

      Apologies for the very delayed reply, but for some reason your messages did not appear before on the website.

      With regard to ‘Memories’ page, the website was re-made a couple of years ago on a different system; those comments about the page were carried over from the previous version, whilst ‘Memories’ page still is listed as a draft, Will have to get that looked into.

      Re you family info, BROOKES (if the same family/ies) was well known in the village – and appear in our first book ‘Bishampton Remembered’. Likewise the HEMMINGS; again if the same family, descendants were running the village Post Office when we moved here in 1969. As far as I am aware – at the moment – there are no descendants here of the families, but I will check into their histories and come back to you in due course.

      Charles Rigg

    2. Sue Daniels

      My Grandfather was Francis Hemming and his family came from Bishampton area – his brother ran the Post Office – I’ll have a look in the Hemming family tree if there is any information.

    3. Charles Rigg

      Had this message ‘hidden away’ and just surfaced. Am in the middle of researching the whole BROOKES family at the moment. If you want to send me a direct email (chas.rigg@gmail.com) we can discuss further. Harriet’s family seemingly a bit odd.

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