‘Those That Served’

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In conjunction with the renovation of the War Memorial, there has been a project to discover and detail the personal and wartime service information behind the names of the men from the village inscribed on the Memorial.  This includes those that served and unfortunately lost their lives in World War I  – and the one man from the village who lost his life in World War II – and those that served and came back home.  The aim is that that research will provide sufficient information for a book to be produced on this later this year.

These are the men that we have researched, and any information that anyone may have – no matter how minor that may be thought – is most welcome.  Whilst the research is ‘complete’ – if it ever is! – and the book detailing that research and the men’s histories has been published, any further or missing information always is welcome.

Commemorated on the Memorial:

Albert Thomas ALDRIDGE   L (Harry Louis) ANDREWS   Leonard ANSELL   Samuel ANSELL

Laurence BALLARD   Percy BALLARD   George CATTLE   George CHANDLER

William CLEAVER   Henry (Harry) Stephen CROUCH   Walter CROUCH   George FARMER

George Thomas FISHER   Charles HAINES   Horace Edwin HAINES   Frank Charles HARRIS

J HARRIS   James HARRIS   Frederick HIRONS   Frederick IVINS   John George LUDLOW

Joseph Masters LUDLOW   Percy William LUDLOW   George David MALINS   Ralph MALINS

Robert Steven MASTERS   Albert Foster MORRIS   F MORRIS   William George PERKS

Thomas ROBBINS   Albert John SALISBURY   Hubert SEABRIGHT   Kenneth Joseph SEABRIGHT

Frank Edward SMITH   H (Henry) THOMAS   John TIDMARSH   George Elias TREDWELL


And these names that have been sourced elsewhere of men who also served (some of whom also gave their lives):

Louis BALLARD   William Alfred DRINKWATER   Joseph FISHER   George FOLLOWS

Ernest William HAINES   Richard George HARRIS   William Levi HARRIS   Francis Arthur HEMMING

Leonard Frank PERKS   Edward Wiliam PHIPPS   Charles Alfred SEABRIGHT

Arthur John SHERWOOD   John William MORRIS   Thomas Henry SEABRIGHT


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