Wheelwright’s equipment

Until one hundred years ago the last of the Brookes family, who were village Wheelwrights, were living and working in The Thatch, although the last’s (William’s) wife remained there until 1939; five generations of that family have been traced back in the village to the early 1700s, most possibly all living and working in The Thatch.

The large workshop attached to the house collapsed in 1981, and fortunately before complete demolition some of the equipment was found, rescued, and saved; that now has been offered back to the village,  Expert investigation of that identifies some parts originating from the mid-1800s, some from the early 1800s, and is considered to be historically important and to a degree relatively unique.

With the agreement and assistance of the Parish Council, this equipment is in the process of being erected and displayed at The Dolphin, together with information displays.

This photo of a reconstruction of this type of equipment shows the type of working environment, although our eventual display will not be quite as elaborate ( – and we haven’t found any volunteers for the mannequins!)

More information will follow in due course.