Welcome to Bishampton History Society’s Community Website.

The aim of this website is to get everyone from the village, their families and friends to visit and become a part of an online community, promoting and contributing to all things about the history of Bishampton.

It’s really simple to get involved!  You can start small and simply browse the website and get a feel for what we’re trying to deliver.  Furthermore, you can post comments about the website and its content on the ‘Tell us your thoughts’ page.  Alternatively, you can email any of the Bishampton History Society’s team with your comments and views.  Find our email addresses on the ‘About Us’ page.

Our ultimate goal is to have everyone adding their own memories of life in Bishampton, whether they be written memories, videos, photographs or audio.  We will endeavour to accommodate.

If you do have something which you would be happy to share with the world, then please email one of us (see ‘About Us’ page) or use the form on the ‘Tell us your thoughts page’ and we’ll work our magic and get it on the website!

If you need a tour guide for the website, start on the ‘Memories’ page.  This is where all the content from our team, and ultimately you, will be.  If you get lost, don’t panic!  The menu bar is always at hand in the upper-left corner of the page.  Just click ‘Home’ to get back here and start over.  Where pages include a slideshow of photographs, if you right-click on a thumbnail picture you then will be shown a list of options – the first of which is ‘View Image’; selecting that gives you a full-screen view of the complete picture.  Then clicking the left arrow at the top of the screen takes you back to the slideshow.

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