Talk – Worcestershire Farmsteads

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Farmsteads are very much part of the English landscape and this is particularly true in Worcestershire.  Indeed, a project undertaken in 2010 to map the historic farms in the county showed that 81% of them still retained some part or all of their historic buildings.  However, there are enormous pressures on farming and historic farm buildings are being lost.

A recording and research project has been set up to record Worcestershire’s farmsteads.  Using photographs and written descriptions of the architectural features, farms are being recorded building-by-building and a picture of their development is being created.  The evidence obtained and the conclusions drawn are valuable to those interested in agricultural change, local history, historic buildings and conservation matters.

Alan Wadsworth, leader of this project, will be giving this talk, discuss what has been discovered so far and what is left to be done.

Everyone is welcome!  Free to members.  £2.00 for non-members.

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